Sans Soucis Black Magnet Sheet Mask For All Skin Types

$6.70 USD

Sheet masks are absolutely trendy – no wonder! They are practical and easy to use and unfold a quick effect. These beauty boosters imparting a fresh and vital look of skin in a jiffy and can be used for a short break from the stressful everyday routine. It is quite difficult sometimes to take time for oneself and to escape from everyday life.


The BLACK MAGNET sheet mask gently frees skin from sebum and dirt deposits. Impurities and light irritations are countered, the complexion is evenly mattified and skin's moisture balance is stabilized. The result: A clear, conditioned and visibly recovered skin tone. 


Naturalness proportion: 98%


·         pore-deep removal of dirt from skin


·         minimizes appearance of black heads and impurities


·         refines the pores


·         supplies skin with lavish moisture


Main Ingredients





Is known for its antimicrobial, as well as, skin nurturing aspects. It helps to fight off impurities and alleviates inflammations. 




Combats against inflammation and hyperkeratosis through due to its mild keratolytic action.




Can increase the skin’s moisture level by up to 79% in no time. The active ingredient also forms a protective, hydrating film on the skin, minimizing wrinkles and lines.


How to Use


1.       Place mask on cleansed skin and gently press on. Remove the protective foil and adapt mask to facial contours.


2.       Lean back and relax! Let take effect 15 minutes.


3.       Remove mask. Gently massage in residues or remove them with a cotton pad.