Potion Kitchen Rose Aloe Hydrating Face & Body Mist 150ml

$11.05 USD

About this product:

Inspired by roses and warm Lebanese summer days, the Rose Aloe Hydrating Mist combines the magical powers of Aloe Vera with the cooling effect of Rose Hydrosol.

Made with locally grown roses, this refreshing mist is a multifunctional product that tones, regenerates, and moisturizes the skin while enhancing your mood. It also restores the pH balance of the skin and acts as a cleanser to help unclog pores.

As a result, skin is left soothed, refreshed, purified, and protected.


How to use:

Use it as a Toner: Spray it as a toner after washing your face, and before applying your day or night serum or moisturizer. Wait 2 minutes until it gets absorbed then add another layer to maximize the hydration effect. You can layer it up to 7 times.

Use it as a Make-Up Primer and/or Make-Up Fixer: Use it as a setting spray mist. It cools the skin and lifts the spirit, while setting make-up perfectly.

Use it as an After Sun Lotion: Spray it on the face and body after sun exposure and say goodbye to burning sensations after your long beach day.

Use it as a Refreshing Mist: Spray it on as often as you feel the need to in order to get an instant refreshing boost. Leave it on to act and don't wipe it off to allow the skin to absorb the active ingredients.



Rosa Damascena Distillate (Rose), Aloe Barbadensis Extract (Aloe Vera).

Free from Synthetic Fragrances, SLS, Artificial Colors, Sulphates, Phthalates, Silicones, Parabens, Animal Testing, Petrolatum Derivates, and Mineral Oils.