Potion Kitchen Lemon Essential Oil 5ml

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About this product:

Our 100% pure Lemon essential oil is known for uplifting and elevating the mood. Lemon is an effective cleaning agent that purifies the air and surfaces and can be used as a non-toxic household cleaner. Lemon, offers a refreshing and healthy boost for the entire day.


How to use:

Essential oils are popular for their various benefits. Here are a few commonly attributed benefits associated with their use:

- Aromatherapy: Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to a diffuser to create a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere.
- Cleaning: Mix a few drops of lemon essential oil with water to help disinfect and deodorize surfaces.
- Skin care: Dilute a few drops of lemon essential oil with a carrier oil and apply it to the skin to help brighten and rejuvenate the complexion.
- Hair care: Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to your shampoo or conditioner to help promote healthy hair and a healthy scalp.


•This essential oil is to be avoided during pregnancy, lactation or cases of epilepsy.
•Do not apply more than the recommended amount.
•Avoid contact with eyes, ears, and nose.
•Test on a small area of your skin before usage to monitor allergic reactions.
•Should not be used on children under 5 years.


100% pure citrus medica limonum oil.

Free from Synthetic Fragrances, SLS, Artificial Colors, Sulphates, Phthalates, Silicons, Parabens, Animal Testing, Petrolatum Derivates and Mineral Oils.