Kokomoi Triple Tanner Dark 3in1 30ml

$15.00 USD
Color: Chocolate
By Kokomoi

Kokomoi Triple Tanner Dark 3in1 30ml

Benefits Triple Tanner for two-way use Sun or Solarium

  • Fast Results
  • Great skin feel silky & smooth touch
  • Wonderful sexy tanning color
  • Long lasting with little maintenance
  • Keeps your skin young and regenerated
  • Advanced formula for white skinned color that give unbelievable dark tan and long lasting result


The tanning oil is 100% natural and free from all chemicals. The pure forms of essential oils blended together fuels your skin with a fresh look and alluring sense of feel. Our kiss feeds your soul and makes you upbeat. While our ingredients help to achieve an instant and visible tan.

Created with 100% natural ingredients and the essential oils extracted with no heat effect liberating all flavors and potent nutrients in natural form. It will enhance your tan to land a darker shade while keeping your skin moisturized for a perfect bikini body.