Yves Morel Triphasic Oil 13ML

$2.30 USD

Recover strength and luster in your nails with our Tri-Phasic Revitalizing Nail and Cuticle Oil. This powerful blend, split into three distinct phases, hosts a range of rich nutrients and moisturizers, uniting mineral oil, special emollient Agent, and glycerin to furnish your nails with intense hydration and nourishment. Sweet almond oil enhances the blend, contributing to overall nail and cuticle health. Our scientific approach guarantees noticeable improvements, with test results showing nourished and moisturized nails and cuticles within just a week. Embrace the magic of our tri-phasic technology and transform your nails from arid to hydrated, brittle to robust, and dull to glossy.


  • Superior moisturizing with mineral oil
  • Nourishing emollient agent
  • Hydration locking glycerin
  • Boosted with sweet almond oil
  • Proven results in just one week