Yves Morel Mascara 3 Step Volume Express 12ml

$5.00 USD

Our 3-Step Mascara lends your lashes length, color, and unmatchable volume in just one stroke. Formulated with cruelty, alcohol, and paraben-free elements, it swiftly dries, preventing any smears. Its carbon black pigment gives a deep, intense color to your lashes, defining them for a striking look. The mascara doesn't just add volume; it magnifies your natural lashes for a dramatic finish. This mascara, armed with a unique applicator, easily reaches the base of your lashes, providing a stunning lash effect from root to tip.


  • Adds noticeably more volume
  • Rich carbon black coloration
  • Dries quickly, preventing smears
  • Made without alcohol, parabens, and cruelty
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Perfect for sensitive eyes