Yves Morel Ink Liner 4G

$4.00 USD

Experience the perfect balance of beauty and precision with our Liquid Ink Eyeliner—your key to achieving a glamorous winged-eye look. The secret to its success lies in its rich formula, which leverages the natural moisture of jojoba oil and butter to ensure a smooth, lasting application. A promise of a truly memorable gaze, durable up to 8 hours, and ready to accentuate the windows to your soul. This product is free from cruelty, alcohol, TEA, cyclopentasiloxane and parabens, setting a new standard in the sustainable beauty industry.


  • Possesses a fast-drying formula
  • Equipped with a precise silicon brush
  • Employs carbon black for intense color
  • Convenient and user-friendly
  • Cruelty and alcohol-free