Yves Morel Bronzing Powder Soft & Extremely Matt 12GR

$5.00 USD
Color: 30

Redefining face sculpting with our Matte Compact Bronzer, a versatile solution that helps you say farewell to undesired shine and welcomes natural facial definition. Our bronzer, suitable for various skin tones, absorbs excess sebum, resulting in a seamless finish. Crafted with breathable ingredients, it assures a comforting touch on your skin. Enjoy a soft, matte texture that resolutely stays put, keeping your skin shine-free throughout the day. So why wait? Enhance your makeup collection today with our Matte Compact Bronzer, and indulge in a well-defined, lasting look.


  • Absorbs excess oil for matte finish
  • Versatile – suits diverse skin tones
  • Crafted with skin-friendly, breathable ingredients
  • Offers soft, matte texture
  • Lasts throughout the day