Vitality's Zero Hair Color 60ml

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Color: Vitality's Zero 6/82 Blond Fonce Irise 60 ml

Vitality's Zero Permanent Cream Color is a delicate, no-ammonia color cream that is suitable for everyone, even those who suffer from sensitive skin. ZERO: THE SOLUTION
. Zero is the revolutionary Vitality’s COLOUR TREATMENT that covers, lightens, protects and restructures, reducing the risk of skin irritation to a minimum.

Features & Benefits:
100% totally safe color, unique effects: color that is brilliant, multi-faceted, bright and long-lasting, covers grey hair, lightens and adds shine, restructures hair, and protects the scalp. It protects and adds shine with D Skin Protection and Shine Complex & restructures hair at various levels thanks to the incredible properties of Chitin and Sericin Microfibrils – natural elements that moisture, repair and restructure the hair fiber deep down.
Zero protects the skin thanks to D Skin Protection, a system that neutralizes potential irritation caused by the dye and makes it skin-friendly, reducing the risk of reddening, itching and irritation, It adds shine to hair thanks to the action of Shine Complex, a mix of active ingredients that moisturize, nourish and coat the hair, increasing color endurance and stability.


It is advisable to apply the product on dry and not washed hair.
Apply Vitality’s Technica Defense Gel on the face contour and wear suitable gloves.

In a no-metallic bowl mix the necessary quantity of Zero color cream without ammonia for delicate skin with the chosen Zero specific activator and mix well.

The result quality depends on the right choice of the creamy oxidant.
The choice is made according to the quantity of grey hair, to the natural color and to the desired lightening level. 

To cover grey hair for people with delicate and sensitive skin and to lighten the hair 1 tone use Zero specific activator 18 vol.
To lighten to 1 or 2 tone use Zero specific activator 25 vol.
To lighten to 3 or 4 tones use Zero specific activator 38 vol.

For the color shades 1 to 10 the mixing ratio is 1+1,5 (i.e.: 60 gr. Zero color cream without ammonia for delicate skin + 90 gr. Zero specific activator). 

For the hyper blonde the mixing ratio is 1+3 (i.e.: 60 gr. Zero color cream without ammonia for delicate skin + 180 gr. Zero specific activator).
If the percentage of grey hair is higher than 40 % (uniformly distributed) we advise to mix at least 1/4 of tube of the natural base corresponding to the same tone level of the color shade chosen.
Higher is the percentage of grey hair, higher is also the quantity to be mixed of the natural base.

For the color shades 1 to 10: 30 minutes to 45 minutes in case of hard covers.
For the hyper blonde: 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

Using a brush, apply on the lengths and on the tips, starting from 2 cm. from the scalp.
Setting time: 20 minutes.
To give more brightness to the lengths use the Zero specific activator with an higher volume than the one used on the base (i.e.: 25 volumes on the base, 38 volumes on the lengths and on the tips).
In case of tone on tone coloration, or of darker colorations than the base color of the hair, apply the color on the base, on the lengths and on the tips.

With a brush, apply the mixture starting from the regrowth.
Leave on for 30 minutes (45 minutes for the hyper blonde shades).
At the end of the application time, emulsify the color with warm water on the lengths and on the tips.
Leave on 5 minutes to 10 minutes for the red colors.

Follow instructions and cautions written on the box.
The hairdresser must inform the guest on the risk of possible allergic reactions.
It is advised a patch test before application.

The result? Hair that reflects light with color that is brilliant and multi-toned
Hair is smooth, soft and brilliant, with a truly natural-looking color.
Zero eliminates the para-phenylenediamine (PPD) making it even more tolerable for people prone to irritation.

Para-phenylenediamine is a main component in most hair colors, so Zero replaced it with PTD (paratoluendiammina) which turns out to be much better tolerated by allergy sufferers.