Vitality's Technica Texturizing Drops - 100ml

$6.38 USD

Product Description :

Give your creativity the right texture

This is a state-of-the-art texturizer designed to make dyeing and bleaching hair totally effective.

By increasing the consistency of the mix, a protective barrier is created that prevents colors from smudging if sections of hair overlap.

Adding a few drops ofĀ Ā Technica texturizing dropsĀ Ā to the alkaline colors makes it possible to speed up execution, to combine several colors, without the need to useĀ Ā aluminum foil.

TexturizingĀ Ā dropsĀ Ā TechnicaĀ Ā can be added to the colors:

Absolute Art


Intense ToneĀ 

With the addition of a few drops of texturizing drops, the coloring powder becomes more consistent and allows hands-free work.

Can be added to powders:

Deco Jo

Deco Soft

Deco Rapid

The products in the TECHNICA line are made without parabens and without sulphate surfactants to meet the requirements of this specific market sector.