Vitality's Purblond Glowing Kit

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Product Description : 

Vitality's Purblond Glowing Kit

The  Vitality's Purblond Glowing Kit is the ideal care combination for blonde hair. The hair care set is composed of a cleansing shampoo, a nourishing mask and a protective leave-in serum. For supple, soft hair without a yellow tinge. 

Contents of the Vitality's Purblond Glowing Kit

  • Vitality's Purblond Glowing Shampoo 250 ml
  • Vitality's Purblond Glowing Mask 200 ml
  • Vitality's Purblond Glowing Serum 150 ml

Vitality's Purblond Glowing Shampoo

The  Vitality's Purblond Glowing Shampoo  is enriched with violet pigments. When used, they neutralize unwanted, warm reflections and give the hair a neutral to cool color freshness. The hair is gently and gently cleaned and cared for. 

Use of Vitality's Purblond Glowing Shampoo

Apply a portion to damp hair and massage in gently. Then wash thoroughly. 


Vitality's Purblond Glowing Mask

The  Vitality's Purblond Glowing Mask  contains phytokeratins and violet pigments, Babassu oil and Murumuru butter. These strengthen the hair additionally and give it a silky and supple shine.

Using the Vitality's Purblond Glowing Mask

Pour a portion into damp, washed hair and distribute evenly along the lengths. Leave on for a few minutes and then wash off thoroughly. 


Product Description : 

Vitality's Purblond Glowing Serum

The  Vitality's Purblond Glowing Serum  is a leave-in product. In particular, it supplies the more sensitive areas of the hair with nutrients and moisture. In addition, it protects the hair from external influences. It improves combability and gives a silky shine.

Application of Vitality's Purblond Glowing Serum

Pour the serum into the hair after shampooing and distribute it evenly. Do not wash out. 

About Vitality's Purblond

The Purblond care series from Vitality's neutralizes unwanted warm reflections with violet pigments and gives blonde hair a neutral to cool color freshness. The care series is suitable for all blonde nuances in the 8-10 blonde range. In addition, phytokeratins strengthen the elasticity of the hair, the high-quality Babassu oil repairs brittle areas and the Murumuru butter has an anti-oxidative effect and gives the hair a silky shine. An ideal care range for at home and in the salon.