Vitality's Epura Sun Care Shampoo 250ml

$22.91 USD

Product Description : 

Soleil Epura shampoo has an innovative formula that gently cleanses and removes the smallest residues of chlorine, salt and sand Its ceramides and other active ingredients of plant origin help repair the harmful effects of the sun while preserving the coloring, softness and shine of the hair

Ingredients :
- Alpine apple seed oil: cold pressed, it contains various fatty acids which give it exceptional moisturizing properties, for the scalp as for the hair
- Ceramide A2: this lipid molecule nourishes the amino acids in the hair and gives them their natural appearance

The combination of these active ingredients brings shine and softness to the hair The synergistic action of the products in the range preserves their coloring, leaving the hair luminous

Application : Distribute over wet scalp and hair Massage Lather then rinse If necessary, repeat the operation

Capacity : 250ml