Urban Care No.2 Bond Plex Restore Repair Shampoo 350Ml

$18.87 USD

Urban Care Bond Plex NO SULFATE Hair Care Shampoo is developed to repair over-processed and excessively damaged hair and prevent further damage to hair strands. With its sulfate-free content and dense foam, it cleans the hair from roots to ends, hydrates without weighing it down, and helps repair damaged hair by penetrating into hair strands. It helps prevent frizzy and static hair. Supported with precious honey, its specially-developed formula hydrates the hair and makes it look soft and shiny. When broken hair bonds are repaired by the bond-strengthening content of Bond Plex Series, they retain moisture and the nourishing effect of honey and help prevent the hair color from fading. With its coating technology, it extends the life of excessively damaged breakage-prone hair and strengthens hair strands without weighing it down. It covers the hair cuticle and split ends, helping protect the hair before heat styling.