ULTRA VIOLETTE Extreme Screen SPF 50ᐩ - Hydrating Body & Hand Skinscreen

$40.00 USD

Make way for Extreme Screen, our super hydrating body and hand skinscreen! She’s SPF50+ body sunscreen, gives good glow, has a soft coconut scent and is 4 hours water and sweat resistant.

Ideal for all skin types, Extreme's luxe creamy texture will impart broad-spectrum SPF50+ and antioxidant protection to future-proof your body every day with a subtly shimmer and soft coconut scent.

Say hello to Extreme Screen, aka the best sunscreen for body and hands. Extreme Screen is our super-light skinscreen that’s hydrating enough to fill in for your boring old body moisturiser (it’s cool, we CBF too), with SPF50+ protection and a lil shimmery sheen thrown in for good measure.