Top Fashion Superior Brx520 Flat Square Shaped Hair Brush

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Product Description :

Top Fashion J.D Superior Brx520 Flat Square Shaped Hair Brush

Most of us probably own a standard STYLING BRUSH, which is medium in size and has plastic bristles with rounded ends. These brushes are usually square or rectangular and we often use them for brushing our hair after it is dry. You can also use these brushes during your blow dry to help you control your hair and end with a smoother result after drying. STYLING BRUSHES work best on short to medium length hair due to their shape and small to medium size, and come in a solid head or vented head to allow more airflow during a blow-dry.

Another brush commonly used for brushing dry hair and controlling hair during your blow dry is a PADDLE BRUSH. PADDLE BRUSHES are large in size and usually, have a square or short rectangular shape. However, they are much wider than a styling brush and have a bit more tension to them. PADDLE BRUSHES also have shorter plastic bristles with rounded ends, however, there tend to be a greater amount of bristles on their wide, flat heads that tend to resemble the look of a paddle. PADDLE BRUSHES work well on medium to long hair lengths and are often used for smoothing curly or wavy hair during a blow-dry service. These brushes also come in a solid or vented head to allow for more airflow during a blow dry.



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