Sophie's Secret Mask Conditioner Argan Oil & Keratin 300ml

$9.00 USD

Sophie Mask Conditioner with Argan Oil and Keratin and zero Sodium have many useful features for hair:-
First: benefits of using natural shampoo without sulfate:-
1- Maintaining the natural keratin layer.
2- It is suitable for dyed hair.
3- It is suitable for damaged hair.
4-Safe for usage and its absorption by the scalp is not harmful even with the long term use and it is not carcinogen.
5- It is not harmful for sensitive scalp.
6- It is suitable for usage after protein, keratin, and any type of hair straightener.

Second: benefits of Mask Conditioner for hair:-

1-It is used as natural balsam for hair.
2- It Works for smoothing the hair and increasing its strength.
3- It provides hair with both density and length.
4- It reduces hair loss.
5- It promotes hair growth.
6- It works to protect hair from harmful sun rays or so-called UV rays.
7- It nourishes the scalp which will positively affect hair growth and reduce clogged follicles.
8- It controls curly and brittle hair, as it contains vitamin H and some acids.
9- It is very useful in dandruff removal.
10- It works for providing gloss to your hair and giving it a healthy and vital appearance.
11- It removes the tips of brittle hair and in the treatment of dry hair.
12- It moisturizes the scalp and hair.

Third: Benefits of Sophie keratin for hair:

1- Sophie Keratin is an effective substance that gives hair the smoothing, perfectness and tidiness.
2- It cover the hair and protects it from weather conditions.
3- It restores hair’s vitality, makes its appearance shiny, healthy and vital all through the duration of hair straightening.
4- It treats curly hair as it consists of a set of proteins and oils containing: Collagen and vitamin B5 :