Sans Soucis Daily Vitamin Lemon Clarifying Care For Combination Skin 50ml

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The Clarifying Care refines the skin tone, supports the normalization of the sebum production and counteracts the development of fined lines and wrinkles. Inflammations and skin impurities are prevented, excessive keratinization of skin is countered.


·         naturalness proportion: 86,2 %


·         refines the skin tone


·         supports the normalization of sebum production


·         counteracts the development of fine lines and wrinkles


·         prevents inflammation and skin impurities while counteracting keratinization


Main Ingredients





A well-known skin antiseptic, is an antibacterial antiviral and acts as an effective disinfectant. 




Possesses a high concentration of linoleic acids, which contains enormously beneficial properties that diminish fine lines caused by dryness.




Promotes healthy skin cell division and cell growth and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. The skin‘s natural defenses are strengthened and the moisture level increased.


How to Use


Mornings and evenings, apply to cleansed skin.