Ruby Rose Facial Compact Powder HB-7206

$2.16 USD
Color: PC4

The Compact Facial Powder is a high-quality compact powder designed to provide even, natural coverage.

With a formula enriched with moisturizing ingredients, it keeps the skin hydrated and soft without dryness.

In addition, with a smooth and silky texture that blends easily into the skin for a perfect finish



It is ideal for keeping your skin fresh and radiant throughout the day.

Long-lasting, it's the perfect choice to keep your makeup looking flawless for hours.



Using the sponge, or if you prefer, a specific brush for powder, lightly apply the product all over the face or just in the T-zone (nose, chin and forehead) where the most oiliness is concentrated.


  • Softens skin shine, without leaving a heavy effect;
  • Seals the foundation with a naturally velvety finish;
  • Disguises stains and imperfections;
  • Adapts to all skin types, especially combination skin, which gets oily easily.