Remington Ne3870 Nano Series Lithium - Nose & Ear Trimmer

$50.43 USD $63.04

Remington Ne3870 Nano Series Lithium - Nose And Detail Trimmer


The Remington Nano Series Lithium Nose and Ear Trimmer make removing your unwanted hair a breeze. You can’t achieve a clean look without clean tools, so the anti-microbial housing* and the Active BladeClean System relieves you of maintenance duties by resisting bacteria build up while a handy button opens up the blades so you can wash out hair in split seconds.

Twinned with comfort tip technology, this grooming tool removes the risk of skin irritation and maximises efficient precision thanks to its dual sided vertical trimmer; so you don’t have to get your hands dirty to achieve a risk free perfectly groomed look.

The NanoSeries Lithium Nose and Ear Trimmer is also an ideal finishing tool, thanks to its detail trimmer with adjustable comb, perfect for shaping side burns and beard lines. You can also effortlessly achieve perfect detailing every time utilising the ergonomic grip detail giving you precision control.

Fully showerproof and armed with a powerful long lasting lithium battery this groomer will never let you down, making it the perfect tool to ensure you stay looking your best.


  • Active BladeClean system with wash out port for easy maintenance
  • Anti-microbial nano silver housing* for hygienic trimming
  • Dual sided vertical trimmer 
  • Detail trimmer with adjustable comb (1-5mm) 
  • Comfort tip blades for safe & easy use
  • Vertical guide combs for eyebrow trimming
  • Showerproof 
  • Ergonomic grip detail 
  • Lithium battery included


Anti-microbial silver housing* and Active BladeClean System with wash out port removes any fiddly cleaning, while comfort tip blades mean you can speed through your grooming without a care for nicks or cuts.