Petite Maison Hand and Nail Cream Smoothing

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Petite Maison Hand Cream 50 ml – Smoothing is a cream that has a softening effect in smoothing, hand and nail care. It gives a smooth touch while deeply moisturizing your hands and nails.

It does not create a greasy or sticky feeling on the hand. On the contrary, it softens and supports meeting the moisture it needs. It has a restorative effect while caring for your hands. It helps strengthen nails. It helps to have a healthy, soft and strong caring effect.

 Petite Maison Hand Cream 50 ml - Smoothing contains the Pink Grapefruit Extract and Amino Acids that support healthy skin cells on your hands. While it contains antioxidant properties, it protects your hands from environmental factors.

Petite Maison Hand Cream 50 ml - One of the ingredients that support the gentle performance of smoothing, hand and nail care. Keratin contained in it; It is supportive in strengthening the nails. It helps repair weak and brittle nails. Keratin, whose main ingredient is Protein, helps the hands and nails to be healthier. Keratin, which offers a particularly sensitive care effect, supports the stronger growth of the nails. It helps to protect the skin from harmful microorganisms.

 Petite Maison Hand Cream 50 ml - Smoothing, provides nourishment of hands and nails thanks to the ingredients it contains. It gives a smooth and soft touch to the hands. Protects and cares for the skin while deeply moisturizing.

Petite Maison Hand Cream 50 ml - Smoothing is applied gently to the hands and nails with massage movements. It is suitable for use at any time of the day. It is a product that can be used by all skin types.