Petite Maison Eye Makeup Remover

$6.28 USD $8.97

EYE MAKE UP REMOVER: Effective and Gentle to remove the eye make up without oily residue on your skin for a refreshed, clean complexion.

SAFE WITH EYELASH EXTENSION: It is safe to use if you have eyelash extensions for cleansing of your eyelid. The unique formula is enriched with Pink Pomelo extract, which refreshes the skin.

WATERPROOF MASCARA REMOVER: Just use a cotton pad and pour a little of it and in seconds your makeup is gone! Leaves skin fresh and hydrated.

OIL-FREE: It doesn't dry off, irritate your skin, and removes any makeup without too much rubbing. It takes off mascara and eyeliner very well with a little scrubbing.

SHAKE & ACTIVATE: This is a 2 phase remover. None of the phases are oil just seems to you this way. To activate the solution you have to shake well before use.