Peacock Powder Hair Dye Natural

$4.00 USD
By Peacock

Peacock powder dye natural Black/ Brown. This product became popular among Gulf women, whether Saudi or Kuwaiti, and it was a secret for the beauty of their eyebrows. It is called peacock henna or peacock dye. It was made in Japan, and it is good for bleaching for those who seek that, and it has black and brown colors. And the color of the week.

Dyeing your eyebrows requires you to use the dye on the same hairs away from the skin. Now whether you choose to use a chemical or a vegetable dye, it is known that different people's skin reacts to dyes differently, so it is highly recommended to test it out first.

To do a test, apply a small amount of your chosen dye to the inside of your wrist or arm, leave the dye for a while and then wash it off with water, for the next 48 hours, wait to see if the dye will irritate your skin in any way, if not, you Fine .

Avoid plucking your eyebrows for a week before dyeing your eyebrows because these processes tend to leave the skin irritated and inflamed.

In order to choose the right skin tone, we suggest you match the color of the darker hair strands or go two shades darker than the natural color, which means if you are blonde go for light brown and so on.

Clean the eyebrows to make sure that they are free of any product or dirt.

To do this, you can either use a damp cotton swab, a damp cloth or a soft cotton swab, and make sure your forehead is completely dry before you start dyeing as the color may not stick to wet hair.

To avoid discoloration of the skin around the eyebrow, use a cotton swab dipped in Vaseline, and gently cover the skin around the forehead with Vaseline, being careful not to put anything on the eyebrow itself.