Matrix light master bonder inside 500g

$24.50 USD
By Matrix

Matrix Light Master Bonder Inside allows you to safely perform the bleaching treatment without damaging the bonds in their structure. It allows you to lighten up to 8 levels and is suitable for all coloring techniques. Particularly suitable for damaged hair, it must be mixed with the selected Matrix oxidizer.


  •          It allows you to lighten up to 8 levels
  •          Provides a lasting and even effect
  •          It is safe even on damaged hair
  •          Protects the bonds within the fibers during treatment
  •          Create a creamy blend
  •          It delivers results that meet expectations
  •          Recommended for all lightening techniques


Contains lightening ingredients that are safe for the hair structure, including citric acid. Glycerin hydrates, softens and smoothes even damaged hair. Together with D-Panthenol, it nourishes and regenerates them and provides them with protection against external factors.