Dr. Schmidt Manicure & Pedicure Set MM-25000

$50.78 USD

Product Description : 


Manicure & Pedicure Set MM-25000

The device for manicure (milling cutter) Lina mm-25000 is perfect for machine manicure, pedicure and correction of artificial nails. Smooth rpm adjustment from very low to 25000 rpm. Reverse-change the rotation direction of the milling cutter. The foot pedal performs the functions of turning on and off the motor and will make your work more comfortable.

The device has a convenient stand under the handle.

Power: 10 W.

The set has: nozzles, with Diamond spraying, necessary for processing the edges of the nail, grinding, fine grinding, removing cuticle, removing callus and brushing.

Main advantages:

It is made in a metal case, which increases its protection from mechanical damage.

Works from 50Hz 110 - 220 V network.

Built-in fuse protects against overloads.

The Lina mm-25000 includes:

Control Unit

Working pen

Stand for working handle

Foot pedal

Set of nozzles in a pencil case (cutters for processing, grinding and polishing nails)


Rated Voltage: 110-220 V 50/60Hz.

Power: 20 W.

Torque: 1 h/cm.