Makeup Factory SPF30 Anti pigmentation Base Transparent

$39.03 USD
Makeup Factory SPF30 Anti pigmentation Base Transparent

Makeup foundation with SPF. Attenuates excessive pigmentation and increases the wear time of the makeup.
After an application of Anti Pigmentation Base with its light texture, the complexion will look even and the skin will be optimally prepared for makeup. Pigmentation reducing herbal ingredients attenuate hyperpigmentation and freckles.
The base contains SPF 30 and protects from light-related skin aging. It is particularly suitable for light and sensitive skin. The base also makes it easier to apply foundation and it increases the makeup wear time.


Use the Makeup Factory Foundation Brush to pick up a small amount of Anti Pigmentation Base and apply it evenly in a thin layer. Then apply foundation as usual.


The base can also be used without makeup or powder. It is also suitable for application on the décolleté or other skin areas exposed to sunlight. Dermatologically approved.