Dyson HD07 Supersonic Hair Dryer In Vinca Blue & Rose Gifting

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By Dyson

Special Edition, Vinca blue and Rosé, supersonic, Fast drying, No extreme heat, Now with the new Flyaway attachment.powerful digital motor,with 8 attachments and with case, puddle brush and detagling comb,the dyson supersonic Engineered for different hair types.Extreme temperatures can make small pores appear within the strands. These scatter light in all directions, decreasing shine. The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer's intelligent heat control helps prevent extreme heat damage,Whether your hair’s dyed or natural, high heat can change its proteins, causing the colour to fade. The Gentle air attachment can help prevent this by maintaining a lower temperature.it helps to diffuse the airflow and lower the temperature by up to 20°*. So it's kinder to sensitive scalps. key controls: 3 precise speed , 4 precise heat settings,Cold shot
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