Elnett L'oreal Strong Hold 200ml

$5.00 USD
Elnett Strong Hold by L’Oréal Paris the iconic micro diffuser hairspray gives hold and natural looking shine. It protects your style against the effects of humidity and gives up to 24H normal hold with natural looking shine, never stiff or crunchy, Elnett controls flyaway, holds curls, and resists humidity all day long.

Brush out for hair that feels clean and ready to restyle:
Disappears at the stroke of a brush leaving hair feeling clean and ready to restyle without needing to wash it.

No stiffness, stickiness, or visible residue:
Achieve your desired hairstyle with Elnett Strong Hold & Shine Hairspray.

How to use Elnett Strong Hold:
Remove the security tab and spray hair with Elnett in short bursts from about 30cm away. In case of clogging, rinse the nozzle under warm water.

How will you style it:
Whether your style is curly, wavy, or straight, Elnett Strong Hold extra strong hold hairspray holds your look in place for hours, whether you need to slick strays into place, hold an up do, or preserve your curls.