Dr. Schmidt Nail Seal Set

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Product Description :

Dr. Shmidt Nail Seal Set

Compact size and lightweight body make the product easy and convenient to carry. It has no deformation and good elasticity. It is easy to clean and reusable, which can be stamped on your nails in any pattern you like.
The easy-to-use function shows that the product is designed with minimalist. It has good antifouling performance and simple and convenient operation.
The Silicone head has a detachable design, which is soft, easy to disassemble and replace. The design of the safety scratching board is a non-metallic scratching board, which does not hurt your hands. PP material makes it eco-friendly.
The length of the scraper is 5.3cm and the width is 8.5cm. The length of the double ended nail art stamp is 3.1cm and the width is 6.7cm. The length of the blue nail art stamp is 4.1cm and the width is 3.4cm.
This transparent nail art stamper with lid and scratching board is convenient to use, which can be used to do all kinds of DIY nail art.