Dr. Schmidt Nail Art Brush 7 pcs

$5.65 USD

Product Description :

Dr. SHMIDT NAIL ART 7 PCS  used for scrubbing the hands and cleaning the fingernails and toenails . Enable you to create beautiful nail designs in seconds, clean the nails to get rid of bacteria, microorganisms and dirt. You should keep your gel brushes clean and in good condition. They can withstand a cleanse with alcohol, but try not to do it too often, as it can still dry out the bristles. They rarely need a soak  just a quick dip and wipe should do the job.

Description - Material: Acrylic, Package Weight: 0.14lb. (0.065kg), Package Size: 3.94'' x 1.18'' x 0.79'' (10cm x 3cm x 2cm)

Package include 7 Pcs nail art pens brushes.