Black 3-way Comb

$1.50 USD
Product Description :
  • Strong and flexible material: The comb is made of plastic, strong and chemical resistant, good durability and lightweight, special handle designed to provide comfortable hand feeling.
  • How to use: As you comb through a section of hair, some of the hair will be on the upper teeth and some will be on the lower teeth, then slide your little finger (or any other finger) between the upper and lower section grasping only the hair on the upper teeth that will be perfectly sectioned for you.
  • Widely Applicable: Hair coloring comb, great for coloring, highlighting, balayage, micro braiding and more, firm grip and easy handling; recommended for stylists and hairdressers.
  • 3-Way Hair Highlight Comb: The weave comb has 3 sides, 2 different weave sides provide a wider or narrower option and 1 regular comb on top, it also features a pointed handle; This comb will save you time and effort when drying / weaving hair for you with one quick pass.