Beauty Glam Lidan Cleanser Plus

$2.53 USD

Lidan Cleaner Nail Cleanser - Degreaser, 60 ml  for a professional manicure! The degreaser is the secret of all successful manicures that look impeccable and last up to 4 weeks.

Nail Cleanser is essential in several stages of manicure. First, apply it before the first coat of nail polish. The active substances in the nail cleanser will remove oils and other impurities from the nail surface. You can also use it to remove dust from nail filing.

Secondly, use the nail degreaser at the end, after you have dried the last layer of top coat with the UV / LED lamp. Thus, you remove the excess gel and sticky film and fix the nail polish layers for a better resistance in time.

The same Nail Cleanser Lidan Cleaner - Degreaser, 60 ml  is also ideal for cleaning brushes after using them with nail gel.

Application method:

  • Soak a napkin in the nail cleanser;
  • Gently press the napkin over the entire surface of the nail and hold it for 10 seconds;
  • Finally, remove the material by wiping the surface of the nail;
  • Repeat the process if any residue is still present.