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Make an ordinary wash-day truly extraordinary. Powered by our hero ingredient, Mirsalehi Honey from our family Bee Garden in the Netherlands, experience the ultimate restorative regimen to hydrate, soften, control frizz & repair.

Refresh dull, damaged strands with Honey Infused Hair Wash to gently-yet-effectively relieve the scalp from buildup and lock in moisture. Seal the hair with Honey Infused Conditioner to soften and smooth it. For supercharged hydration, anti-frizz and shine, use Honey Infused Leave-In Conditioner after and between washes. Honey Infused Hair Mask is our deeply nourishing and repair treatment. It infuses nutrient-rich moisture for revitalized touchably soft shiny hair.


Honey Infused Hair Wash Mini 75ml 2.6 fl. oz.
Honey Infused Conditioner Mini 50ml ℮ - 1.7 fl.oz.
Honey Infused Leave-In Conditioner Travel Size 60ml 2.0 fl. Oz.
Honey Infused Hair Mask Travel Size 75ml 2.6 fl. oz.


HAIR WASH : Mix the Honey Infused Hair Wash with a small amount of water and emulsify in hands until the product starts to sud. Then, apply the product to the scalp and massage it in. Rinse and repeat, if necessary.


CONDITIONER: After shampooing, squeeze out excess water and apply the Honey Infused Conditioner from mid-lengths to ends. Leave on for 1-2 minutes before rinsing with cool water.
Pro Tip: After applying the Honey Infused Conditioner, comb through to detangle hair and ensure the conditioner is evenly distributed.


HAIR MASK: Apply a generous amount to damp or dry hair from mid-lengths to ends. Leave on for 5-7 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with cool water.
Overnight Treatment: For a more intense treatment, apply by itself or combined with 2-3 drops of the Honey Infused Hair Oil for additional moisture, to damp or dry hair from mid-lengths to ends. Allow the product to absorb overnight, then rinse thoroughly with cool water. Do this 1-2 times a week for optimal results.
Pro Tip: Wrap hair in a towel or a t-shirt after applying the Honey Infused Hair Mask to create heat and allow the product to absorb more deeply.


LEAVE-IN:  Spray evenly from mid-lengths to ends onto damp hair after your washing routine or on dry hair whenever you need a conditioning refresh. Do not rinse.

Pro Tip: Use the Honey Infused Leave-In Conditioner on damp hair before combing through to easily detangle and prevent damage from brushing and abrasion.