Remington Xr1450 Hyperflex Aqua Plus Rotary Shaver

$353.92 USD

Our HyperFlex technology and ComfortFloat Cutters adjust to the contours of your face and neck for a closer shave and less razor burn.

The curves of your face are the hardest parts to shave and are often the most sensitive. Our solution is ComfortFloat Cutters which move vertically by floating up and down following the contours of your face, providing exceptional coverage.

HyperFlex Aqua Plus features an upgraded hour long run time and an LED fuel gauge helping you to check your shaver's battery life.

  • ComfortFloat Cutters - Close/comfortable shave
  • Antimicrobial Head Surrounds - Sensitive skin protection
  • 100% Waterproof - tailor to your routine
  • Lithium powered – up to an hour long run time
  • LED Fuel Gauge - Track your charge
  • Hyperflex Technology
  • Active Contour technology
  • Dual Track Blades – 50% more shave coverage*
  • Precision Ultra Cutters
  • ComfortTrim detail trimmer
  • 90 mins charge time
  • 5 mins quick charge feature
  • Universal voltage
  • Cordless with charge stand